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Post  macmac on Tue Jul 26, 2011 8:12 pm

Putting chart

For ALL putters except level 57,59, Beginner's Gribador, Lakysis and Urd. I"m not going to create a chart for these 5 putters because I don't use any of them. The 57 & 59 putters hit farther and the other 3 hit shorter. This chart is only meant to keep you from having 12+ footers coming back to the hole.

Pay close attention to the slope past the hole, you may want to hit a little softer if it goes back down a hill once it passes the cup. Also, if the slope continues uphill past the hole don't worry about over hitting it because even if you miss the hole, it will stop within a few feet anyway.

I think it was Gary Player that said 99% of all putts that come up short don't go in the hole. I don't know about that other 1%. Maybe those go in the pocket.
Putting Chart Uphill

For the other putters, this chart could be useful if you were to reference it in order to find the distance value, then apply that distance to your own putter chart.

Downhill putts are pretty simple. What I do is for each -0.1m elevation change is subtract 1 yard and hit it the same power as a flat putt. A 15 yard putt and -0.3m downhill would be the same power as a flat 12 yard putt.
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