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Post  macmac on Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:35 pm

hey guys!!
we just thinking and want motivate all members with great prizes for keep our house PGI!
you all know we had hard work over years keep this house as our own so we want defend again against Demigods!
we will hold from now a "coupon hunting mission" in our guild! rules is easy:who get the most pons until end of january he will get 500Mill NG!! also 2nd 3th 4th 5th place will get prize!
1st 500Mill 2nd 400M 3th 300M 4th 200M 5th 100Mill Ng!!
very important rule: WE MUST DEFEND OUR HOUSE!! so if we cant defend and we will lose pgi the prizes also will be much less,but still first 5 place will get some ng..
before we step in februar i will get a screenie from all players who think he have chance for prizes and i will decide who can get the NG! wish good luck and good ponhunting guys!!!

notice:-i am the idea owner so i am disqualified
- if all you guys think it is a good idea we can repeat ponhunting mission in februar until reset!!
- if any question please ask me in game!

very useful guildie with more than 20 post
very useful guildie with more than 20 post

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