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pon hunting mission results!!

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pon hunting mission results!! Empty pon hunting mission results!!

Post  macmac on Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:58 am

hey guys!
Like you all know our pon hunting mission finished!
i would thanks for all ouf your hard work and hard ponhunting on PGI since we started our battle with Demis!
Well we had lil slow start against demis when we realised they attack so they got a lead fast with a lil trick about viltual locker storing but all of TRF members did awesome work since we realised they think seriously the war!
many thanks for screenies who sent me,ive seen many of great ponscount from everyone!!I dont will post ponscount only results becouse it is your own thing you can share with others if you want i dont will!i hope you all of you will trust me!if somehone have doubts we can talk about this anytime..
kk then her is the results:
1st place: Blazed_Braves he won 500Mill Ng!! congrats Ben!
2nd place: King_Tut he won 400Mill NG! awesome ponscount Scott!
3th place: Ceh112408 he won 300Mill Ng! great work Curtis!
4th place: MasterBlaster65 him prize: 200Mill Ng! nice one Matt!
5th place: Re_Liviu this worth for him:100Mill Ng! v nice job Reliv!!

like i said i will give out more some NG like a "special thanks" for few of us who did really hard work (of course all of us did btw) but for some reason he cant got a place atm!i hope all of you will agree with me about these players!

i would say a "special thanks" for Eddie for him really great work!in my opinion he was one of the best ponhunter in guild so i think he still can deserve our thanks and he will win now 50Mill Ng! great work Eddie! well done!!
i would say a "special thanks" also for Mattmozz we all know he played well and went for pons greatly but maybe all of us know how he cant got any place on Mattmozz or any of him OTHER TOON!so i think we can thanks for him by a "few Ng" he also will get 50Mill Ng! nice job Matt we wait you back to game!!

and finally: i said everyone just will get prize half becouse we dont know if we will win ponswar.. but i think any case all of you did great work so ill give ALL prize now and not only the half! i will give you guys soon as possible when you comes online and we can meet!also pls everyone accept my trade (i dont care if you dont wanna keep or smthing similar) after our trade you can do with your prize as you want!

thanks your hard work guys!of course for those also who didnt got any prize at this time!
ps: all of your screenies saved by me on my pc if anyone have doubts!( i hope everything will goes fine)

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very useful guildie with more than 20 post

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