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DQA I sent in regarding Gold +

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DQA I sent in regarding Gold + Empty DQA I sent in regarding Gold +

Post  MillPhickleson on Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:43 am

So my buddy cannot renew his Gold+ until 10 days left on his current one. They had that half price sale for 6 months, and they will not allow him, or make an exception to allow him to get it at the discounted price.

So I sent this dqa in his defence... Anyone agree or disagree?

Dear Shot GM,

I am writing on behalf of a user names PuddlesOfDoom who happens to be a buddy of mine.

We recently started playing this game as a group of friends. A few of us purchased the Gold + right away, he was one of them. A couple weeks later you guys come out with a promotion for half price gold + membership (or w/e it was) for 6 months. He attempts to buy it, and it wont allow him.

Now we have since come to learn about this "grace period" that you cannot renew until 10 days left on current membership. However when you are offering half price... Does that sound fair??? So because we are already a paying and loyal customer, we get screwed??? Can you not allow him to purchase the 6 month at the discounted rate (that was offered) as he sent in a DQA during the sale, and had the cc and was willing and even attempted to buy it?

This just does not seem fair, and although it is not enough to keep me from playing personally, I am pretty sure that Puddles will not be playing (or paying) for awhile if ever again, and he will probably make a whole bunch of guys in our Ventrilo group stop playing. This is a group of guys that has spent $20-40 thousand dollars on GC games (mainly MLBDH).

I just think it is good business sense to not so blatantly and shamelessly screw over your already paying customers in an attempt to acquire new Gold+ members.

Hope you can see our frustrations... Thank You.
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